How to tie a palomar knot for fishing – Fishing knots

how to tie a palomar knot

WHATS A PALOMAR? The Palomar tie (/ˈpæləmɑːr/PAL-ə-defaces) is a bunch that is utilized for getting a fishing line to a fishing lure, snap or turn. Steps in tying a Palomar tie (free end is hued red). Tie the free overhand bunch. Pass the item through the excess loop. Begin cozy. Finish cozy (pull equitably on … Read more

 7 Ways On How To Catch live Bait For Bottom Fishing

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To catch freshwater and saltwater fishes, live bait is one of the best options to catch. However, live bait is quite expensive, and catching live bait is time taking. For fishing, it’s important to have live bait on each trip of yours.  Luckily there are different easy methods to catch live bait. In saltwater, you … Read more

Biggest Anglerfish Size – How big are Anglerfish ?

how big are anglerfish

Normal NAME: Anglerfish Logical NAME: Lophiiformes TYPE: Fish DIET: Carnivore Bunch NAME: School SIZE: 8 to 40 inches WEIGHT: Up to 110 pounds Life in the deep sea is troublesome, such countless fishes there have unique transformations to work on their capacity to take care of and to mate. Deep sea anglerfish may not routinely … Read more